1971 HQ GTS Monaro

Quick Specs

Make : 308 stroked to 355
Carbie : Barry Grant Mighty Demon 750
Heads : Cast
Ignition : ICE Ignition
Exhaust : Twin 3” with cross pipe
Comp : 11.1
Cooling : Thermo
Power : 560 fwhp
Performance : 11.1 @ 125mph

Gearbox : Turbo 350 Full manuel
Converter : 5500 rpm TCE Stally
Diff : 9? 4.33 Full Spool

Shocks & Springs : Pedders 90 / 10’s with 6 cly Springs up front

Seats : Standard
Instruments : Autometer
Dash : Stock

Tyres : Rear – 15 * 8 ” 255/60/15 Front – 15 * 5” 185/80/15
Wheels : Weld Pro Stars

In 1971 the HQ series was released starting a long lasting obession for many Australian car enthusiasts. The separate recessed grille reflected Euro trends while the bulging muscle lines above each wheel arch, the rounded tail and bumper-mounted rear lights were straight from the Pontiac GTO muscle car. The HQ was the most radically new model since 1948, and Monaro shared the benefits. It had a partial front subframe that extended to the centre pillar and a totally new rear suspension setup.

In 1999 Andrew Eyssens purchased this 1971 HQ GTS Coupe and has been turning it into a tough peice of Mexican muscle ever since. When Adam and I first saw well actually heard the Coupe with its 5500rpm TCE stall converter pull up we both knew we where in for a treat.

Having owned the Coupe for 10 years Andrew has been through a few different combo’s but never straying to the Chev’s and stayed with a 308 bed. The 308 now 355 stroker is sending a very healthy 560hp south via a Turbo 350 trassmission and being evenly dispersed to destroy the tyres via a full spooled 9”. Glenn Wells from Salbia Engines assembled a stack of the best parts in the stroker including a 4 bolt mains kit, roller cam with a crane compettion cam to suit, Harrop intke manifold and to top of the ground shaking comba a Barry Grant 750 Mighty Demon carb.

…Andrew won an award once for the coupe…


1971 HQ GTS Monaro


“”Yeah i did win an award once a real painful 6 month licence suspension for pulling a skid on the street”.

“About three years ago i took a Police Office for a wild ride on the skid pan at Spring Nats. I still remember whating the footage of him punching his arm up in the air as i totally punished a set of tyres”.

“With the old engine an early headed 308 making about 450ish I had a shoot gun scoop on it. One night a Heathcote i was at about 3/4 track when the scoop lifted up pulled the trottle on all the way. I crossed the traps doing 115 mph, i shifted into neutral hit 10,000rpm i remember looking at the tacho and seeing 10k so i switched the car off to stop myself from driving off the track but i f#*ked up and went one to many clicks. I ended up with the steering lock on and only a very small amount of brakes. But after all that i pulled it up took the scoop off and continued to race for the rest of the meet”

What’s Next? “I’ve been playing with the rear suspension latley trying to get it to hook up of the line better I think it is sorted now. I attened all of the Knox cruise nights that i can, so i’ll just keep on cruising as much as i can”.

.. so far the Andrew has run a PB for the car at 11.1 @ 125mph on the 23/02/08 in full street trim..


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